The M Lab™ Demonstration Day was an exciting start to ChromConnect, a program designed to unleash the collaborative potential of industry and academic partnership.

Fifteen students from seven universities and three countries joined us at our M Lab™ Collaboration Center in Molsheim, France to learn about process scale chromatography, scale up, and typical customer problems. Students got the chance to learn about the technical challenges of process scale antibody purification and the implications that has for chromatography, how our experts collaborate with industry players to overcome these challenges, and a firsthand look at antibody production at process scale.

Our Biomanufacturing Engineers and Process Development Scientists shared best practices for column packing with the students and showed them the technical challenges of manufacturing scale chromatography in real world conditions. Our complete portfolio of manufacturing scale products and systems were on display throughout the day, and students were able to get an insider view of some of our most innovative technologies.

If the M Lab™ Demonstration Day sounds exciting to you, sign up for the ChromConnect Day in the Innovation Center at our global headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany on October 24th!

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