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Biopharmaceutical manufacturing is going through a monumental shift in the way biologics are produced and purified.

This evolution has sparked the introduction of new technologies and applications to confidently produce new and existing biotheraputics in an intensified, connected, or continuous process.

The BioContinuum™ Platform provides the building blocks to deliver the increased speed, greater flexibility, and enhanced quality biomanufacturers require.

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Natrix membrane chromatography is a novel product and a critical component of the BioContinuum™ Platform. Its single-use format and high throughput capabilities it is designed to deliver improvements in productivity, flexibility, and process robustness that will enable the next generation of bioprocessing.


ChromConnect 2020

New Year, New Challenges  We are curious about the coming year and to connect with you. However, the current situation with the coronavirus (COVID-19) is presenting us all with…

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